Join “how to become a raw food chef” program from the seeds of life Bali, as he takes you deep into the culinary world of raw vegan foods. Having been a professional chef for 24 years he has had the opportunity to learn from some of the great chefs and interwoven that knowledge with his creativity and passion for Living Foods to bring to you a truly special 2 weeks deep dive into creativity, fun, colour, science and healing.

What You Will Learn at Our Raw Food Chef Certification & Trainings ??

Learn the Art of Raw Foods with The Seeds of Life Raw Food Chef Certification & Trainings in Bali

Our Raw Food Chef Certification and Training happens on the tropical island of the Gods and Goddesses, Bali. The bounty of natural tropical and volcanic  soil essentially makes Bali the ideal learning ground for your culinary imagination. Your noble body will be left fed, your mind educated and spirit enlivened with endless ideas and possibilities about this exciting lifestyle. Regardless of whether you want to open a Café, extend your current un-cook book, prepare healthful meals for your friends and family or looking to dial in the most highly tuned healthy lifestyle, The Seeds of Life team can help you get there. Living the Raw Vegan lifestyle 100% for over 11 years has given us an edge in the world as we have fully integrated the changes into our lifestyle and have inspired countless others along the way.

You will be expertly and personally shown raw combinations and varieties of a large number of your favorite dishes and healthy versions of desserts and everything in between. Joined by the healthful advantages with professional and informative nutritional lectures to empower you with the right knowledge and what you can do at home utilizing your nearby produce engaging you to continue onward. You’ll wind up skillful at utilizing all the vital Raw Food kitchen apparatuses for setting up these pleasures as a feature of your hands on preparation as you gain certainty and comprehension of the Raw Living Foods Kitchen. Join us for your Raw Food Chef Certification and Training courses here in Bali.

We will meet your experience level where you are at. All levels met and are welcome!

List of main activities we offer:

  • Yoga: Pranayama, Mediation, and Gentle Asana Practice
  • Juice Break
  • Smoothies and Fruits
  • Hands-on Classes and Making Lunch
  • Lunch
  • Nutritional lectures
  • Hands-on Classes – Making Dinner Items and Desserts
  • Dinner
  • Discussion, Documentary, etc

About Extra Activities Included in Training Price:

  • Trip to Local Spirulina Farm
  • 1 Day Off to Explore
  • Nadis Herbals. A Balinese natural herbal/cosmetic excursion.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Discount offers apply as mentioned below:

  • Up to 60 days before the beginning of the training: 100% discount (less the 10% for administration) or transfer to different date
  • Within 60 days before the beginning of the training: half discount less the 10% is taking care of the expense.
  • Within 1 month prior to the beginning of the retreat: no discount will be given.